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The Jikishin School teaches the Okinawan martial art of Kobudo. Based at the Royal Armouries in Leeds England, we aim to provide a friendly and quality learning environment for the study of this historic martial art.

The multi-weapon martial art of Kobudo is a traditional practice from Okinawa that dates back to the middle ages.


As a ‘martial art’, this refers to the weapons and techniques of the Okinawan people from centuries past.  As a ‘martial way’, this refers to the philosophical and moral values that are important to cultivate when learning any martial art.


There are several major styles of Kobudo. The differences may be the types of weapons, certain ways of executing techniques and the way a school may train.

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Many of the Kobudo techniques we practice were devised in the fields and villages of feudal China, Okinawa and Japan.

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