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Matayoshi Sensei in Higa's Dojo

By Jikishin Kobudo, Jun 22 2016 11:15AM

The Shodokan dojo of Seiko Higa is one of the most important in the history of Okinawan martial arts. For some this was the spritual centre of the renewal of Okinawan martial arts following the anhilation of Okinawa by America during World War 2. Seiko Higa (1898-1966) became known as the Master of Naha-Te and the list of Masters who trained and taught at the Shodokan is extensive.

One of these is Master Shinpo Matayoshi, who following his return to the island from Japan, lived in the Shodokan for a period whilst he got his family back on their feet. Matayoshi Shinpo was greatly respected because of his father and also because of his own martial arts skill and knowledge. He became an imposing figure seen around the Shodokan through his sheer ability and affable character.

Master Matayoshi made musical instruments as a way of providing his family a living, but he also began to teach martial arts. He taught Kobudo at the Shodokan dojo, but not as many believe under the authority of Higa Sensei. They were family friends and Matayoshi Sensei hired the dojo from Higa in order to deliver instruction.

This image shows Matayoshi Sensei with a young Tetsuhiro Hokama, posing in the Shodokan with Kobudo weapons.

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