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The text of the Okinawan Kobudo Renmei

By Jikishin Kobudo, Jul 21 2015 11:21AM

Matayoshi Shinpo wrote no textbooks instructing people in the techniques he taught. However, the organisation that he led during the second half of the twentieth century has. The Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei was begun on 15th May 1973 to help expand and develop in 'friendly relationships' the art of Okinawan Kobudo as taught by Matayoshi Shinpo Soke.

The sixteen petal chrysanthemum logo was chosen for the organisation since it is a symbol that represents plentifulness and is a symbol of good luck to the people of Okinawa. This textbook explains the reasons for the formation of the Renmei and explains how it began. Its members are obliged to preserve the techniques of their ancestors and for that reason none of the techniques in this book have been subject to adaptation or change from how they were originally taught. It is good that this book exists, created equally by several masters of Kobudo and under scrutiny of each other.

Though all of Matayoshi Sensei's students had different training experiences and now teach in diverse ways, this book perhaps represents the most reliable consensus of what Matayoshi Sensei communicated and what he wanted the world to learn, remember, protect and promote with pure hearts and diligent souls.

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