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By Jikishin Kobudo, Oct 1 2015 11:00AM

Is this the most rare and important literature on Kobudo found any where in the world?

These volumes titled 'Ryukyu Kobujutsu: Jokan-Gekan' written by Inoue Motokatsu in 1972-4 and reprinted in 1983 go into intricate detail concerning the complete system of Kobujutsu and provide the only comprehensive record of a Kobudo school created by a legitimate Headmaster in existence.

The scale of the contents is staggering, all of the Kata and a great deal of bunkai is shown here, including historical descriptions of the weapons and of the people who inspired and contributed to the development of Kobujutsu in the world as we know it.

Thank you to Don Warrener for sending this book to us here at Jikishin Kobudo. It will take pride of place amongst our collection. We are only too aware that all Okinawa Kobudo and Ryukyu Kobujutsu styles have a common history, use common weapons, many of the same kata, and largely derive from the same Masters. Irrespective of badge or school, we are as brothers and sisters descendants and custodians in the same family.


Shushi no Kon Sho, Shushi no Kon Dai, Sakugawa no Kon Sho, Sakugawa no Kon Dai, Soeishi no Kon Sho, Sueyoshi no Kon, Tsukenshitahaku no Sai, Hamahiga no Sai, Chatanyara no Sai, Jigen no, Sai, Hamahiga no Tonfa, Yarasho no Tonfa, Kanegawa no Nichougama Dai, Kanegawa no Timbei, Testuko no Kata, Nunchaku Sho no Kata, Surushin (Nage), Soeishi no Kon Dai, Urasoe no Kon, Sesoku no Kon, Hakuson no Kon Dai, Raigo no Kon, Tsukensunakake no Kon, Yakaa no Sai, Hakutagawa no Sai, Tawada no Sai, Nunchaku Dai no Kata, Toyama no Nichougama, Kanegawa no Nichougama Sho, Surushin (Tan), Yonegawa no Kon, Chinenshichanaka no Kon, Tsuken Bo,

Choun no Kon, Chatanyara no Kon, Hakuson no Kon Sho, Shushi no Kon Koshiki, Sakugawa no Kon Chu, Kojo no Sai, Kyushakubo no Kata, Sanshakubo no Kata, Sansokan no Kata

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