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The Jikishin Kobudo School holds open seminars in Okinawan weapons for interested martial artists to learn specific techniques.


The sessions will last 60-90 minutes and cover the history and origins of various weapons, the basics of handling, initial techniques, partner work and kata patterns.

Please contact the club office to reserve a place or check for availability via the following email address:  [email protected]

The seminars are open for anybody to attend and cost £15.


The seminars are strictly limited to 20 persons per session and attendance is popular, as such bookings are taken in advance. Due to the nature of techniques being taught, only over 18s are permitted to attend.

Sansetsukun Kata

The seminars provide a great opportunity for exposure to some of the advanced weapons of Kobudo – many of which are not encountered by students and even instructors until senior black belt status.


For beginner students, this can help envisage your journey in Kobudo as you progress and grade. For those more familiar with weapons and martial arts, you will have the opportunity to see how new techniques and concepts can help inform your existing practice.

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