A first class in any martial art can be a bit nerve-wracking! However, we pride ourselves in being a very friendly and welcoming club where no nerves are necessary.

Typically our first class will involve a warm-up with a game of Kobu-ball, some light stretching/joint rotation then being introduced to the Bo staff and its basic techniques. You will also be introduced to dojo etiquette and some Japanese terms useful for training.

In the following weeks you will learn more techniques and be introduced to the Sai, a basic Kata pattern and partner combat drills, which will be the content for your first grading.

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By starting Kobudo you will be entering a very special martial art at a club which places great emphasis on the quality of the student’s learning in a very friendly and respectful environment. With practise you will develop an intuitive feel for the techniques and an increased level of fitness.

Nunchaku-Bo Kumiwaza

The club has practice weapons which you are most welcome to use, however most students acquire their own weapons and develop a great feel and attachment to them. As the weapons are introduced over many months, it is a very manageable cost. Good quality weapons are available to be bought through the club.

Do I need to buy weapons?

Sai Gi Kanji


All classes are led by Sensei Michael Clayton. Sensei Clayton has practised several martial arts including different styles of Kobudo and enjoys research of martial arts and combat from all periods of history.


Kobudo can be practised by students of all levels of fitness and experience. The school is attended by students with knowledge of other martial arts as well as complete novices.

Tuesday 7:45pm - 9pm / Sunday  7:45pm - 9pm  

£5 per class - Classes are open to those aged 16 years+

Phone (UK): 07840 366 722 Email: [email protected]

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