Our syllabus covers the learning of different weapons, their techniques and their application. We develop an understanding of how to generate maximum speed, power and accuracy with a range of traditional exercises.


We focus on the development of a complete martial artist and this includes discussion around the many wider moral and philosophical aspects of martial arts.

Bo kata

What happens in class?

Our classes consist of a warm up, followed by ‘Hojo-Undo’ (supplementary exercises) which drill individual techniques such as strikes, blocks and combinations.


In addition to individual techniques, we also practise ‘Kata’ which is a set pattern of techniques which flow in a combat scenario. We also practise ‘Kumi-waza’ which involves a student delivering a number of pre-determined attacks for their partner to defend. At the highest levels we will practise ‘Randori ‘or ‘free-fighting’ in a safe and controlled environment.


From a fitness perspective, a martial arts class is an excellent provider of agility, coordination, cardiovascular, strength, explosive power, flexibility, postural form and mobility.


In combination with practice at home and recommended supplementary physical training, Kobudo can provide a complete physical programme.

Kumiwaza 2

The syllabus of weapons, Kata practice and supplementary exercises aim to increase your ability with a weapon and to cultivate your spirit and outlook within martial arts.


As with many martial arts, we operate a grading system to help your progression and give a manageable and planned approach to learning new content and skills.

Progressing your skill

Sansetsukun Kata


Kama high

As a progressing student you will be introduced to new weapons, each with a unique character. Grading take place approximately every 3-4 months for junior belts and 6-8 months for senior belts.

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